Cheza’s and Trixi’s Puppies have Arrived!

Trixi was due just ahead of Cheza, but Cheza delivered this past Thursday, followed by Trixi on Friday night! The puppies are beautiful and we can’t wait to see their colors develop, their eyes open, and their personalities begin to emerge!

Cheza had two tan/golden puppies (one darker, one lighter; the lighter one also has some white markings); a black & white parti; two phantom tricolor; and one that is all white, except for two small tan spots (one above one ear, and the other on the body). The three females are one of the tans, the white, and one phantom tricolor. These are sired by Buster and are expected to be in the 35-40 lb range as adults. We are pretty sure that at least one of the puppies will be unfurnished, but won’t know for sure until 4-5 weeks. These will have an adoption day of February 2.

Trixi had two Merles, one Merle parti, one Merle & white, two phantoms, and one tricolor. Although we had hoped to get at least one Phantom Merle like her, it didn’t happen with this litter. But these babies are gorgeous, nonetheless! One tricolor and one phantom are female. The Merle parti is a GIVEAWAY PUPPY! We are expecting that all will be furnished and will be in the 20-25 lb range as adults. Their adoption day will be February 3.

Cheza’s puppies
Trixi and puppies
Trixi’s puppies!

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