(Possibly) 2 Precious Giveaway Puppies from our Christmas Litters

Giveaway puppies just in time for Christmas--perfect timing!

We are more than excited to announce (possibly 2) giveaway puppies just in time for Christmas! Our Amber’s #2 puppy (a phantom tricolor male, who looks curly already) is going to be a giveaway puppy. We are accepting applications now, and will select a recipient when the puppies are 4-5 weeks old.

If Autumn had had 6 puppies, her #6 would have been a giveaway, BUT she only had 5! In the spirit of Christmas, we are thinking that maybe there’s a kiddo out there who would benefit from our offering the giveaway puppy a little early.

On the other hand, all of Autumn’s puppies are black, and the “official” #10 will be from Trixi’s January litter, where we are expecting some really pretty phantom Merles.

Sooo…we’re selecting two recipients this time around and will let the latter one decide if they want a Christmas puppy OR prefer to wait for the #1 from Trixi’s litter in January.

As an added bonus, and our Christmas gift to you, both of the giveaway puppies this round are coming with a complimentary Baxter & Bella online dog training membership. Baxter & Bella is an online training program that you get for life. They offer live classes, videos, podcasts, and more (including one-on-one calls with the trainers at no additional fee!).

Apply if you qualify at www.CarrierFamilyDoodles.com/giveaway. You must be able to pick up at our New Concord, KY location. Giveaway puppy from Amber’s litter is 2nd from right in the photo.

giveaway puppies in time for Christmas!
The only girl is in the center (black & white); giveaway is second from right.