Puppy Parents: Unique Combinations create Adorable Puppies!

health tested parents, healthy puppies
All of our puppy parents are health-tested

Our Puppy Parents are
Goldendoodle or Aussiedoodle females and
Bernedoodle males, creating unique
Golden Mountain Doodle and
Aussie Mountain Doodle Puppies

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Our puppies are more than just adorable!

Meet our Crew!

"the Boys"


Buster was adopted at 14 weeks and is a bundle of non-stop energy. He fears no one and will actively engage anyone who will play, play, and play some more with him. As such, he spends much of his day outside being a “watch dog” and taking walks in the woods with Bekah and the other children.

Bekah says, “Buster is definitely an extrovert!” If you come visit puppies, he’ll be the one to greet you. (Our apologies if he has been playing in the swamp beforehand!)

Buster is an F1 Bernedoodle of the medium variety, approximately 50 pounds. He is ideal for breeding with our larger mini/medium Mamas and has produced some beautiful puppies. Buster has been genetic health tested.



Jackpot is a mini tri-color, F1 Bernedoodle. He is 26 pounds, ideal for producing mini offspring that make great little lap and house dogs. He has been health tested for genetics, elbows, hips, and cardiac.

We adopted Jackpot into our home after he was three years old, having spent most of his life in a kennel. He came named (Jackpot probably would not have been our choice!). 

Despite our best efforts, Jackpot is content to be an outdoor dog (except to come in and sleep at night), but he has gotten familiar enough with Rebekah that he enjoys seeing her around his territory each day and is happy to receive some affection as she goes about her daily tasks.


Ranger is a mini F1 Bernedoodle, approximately 28 lbs.  He is a good-tempered dog, very smart, and makes a wonderful addition to our family. Since we try to keep all our males separated from one another, Ranger ended up being the spoiled, indoor boy. Ranger has been health tested.*


"The Girls"


Carly is one of our F1B Goldendoodles. That means her mom was a Goldendoodle (with parents being a Poodle and a Golden retriever) and her dad was a Poodle. This gives her a tight, curly coat. She weighs in at 23 pounds.

Carly was adopted at five months of age and was already a house dog. She is quite sociable and highly intelligent. As the first of our puppy parents, she seems to be respected as the mature mom among our females.

Carly makes some beautiful tans, apricots, and partis, and tuxedos, and also always has a couple of the more affordable, fully furnished black beauties. Carly has been genetic health tested.


Cheza means “play” in Swahili, the language of our former mission field in Kenya. As her name indicates, she is usually the most playful of the adult dogs.

Cheza is an F1 mini Goldendoodle weighing about 21 pounds. Bekah, who is in charge of bathing and grooming all of the dogs, says that Cheza’s coat is silky, does not tangle as much as the others, and is easiest to groom. She says, “If I were going to buy a puppy from one of our dogs, I would want Cheza’s!”

Cheza makes beautiful tri-colors, partis, and Phantoms.  And she always makes at least one (or maybe two) more affordable, unfurnished puppies. Cheza has been genetic health tested. **


Jina means “name” in Swahili. We picked it almost in jest because we could not agree on a name for her as a family, so it stuck. Jina is also an F1 mini Goldendoodle weighing about 21 pounds.

Jina has uniform golden beige/tan coloring and is one of our quieter dogs. Interestingly, her favorite place to sleep is on top of the couch, almost like a cat rather than a dog!

Jina makes sables, phantoms, and one or two black/black & white puppies (a small percentage unfurnished). Jina has been genetic health tested.**


Amber is one of our F1B Goldendoodles. That means her mom was a Goldendoodle (with parents being a Poodle and a Golden retriever) and her dad was a Poodle.  As she has matured, her red coloring has lightened a bit.  Amber has had primarily Phantom, golden, and black puppies. She weighs about 18 lbs. and is genetic health tested. She and Autumn are sisters.


Autumn is an F1B Goldendoodle.  Initially the reddest of all of our red dogs, Autumn has become more tan/apricot in color. Autumn, who weighs approximately 18 lbs, always wants to be in someone’s lap.  Autumn’s offspring are primarily black/black & white, but she has also had golden puppies with Ranger. She and Amber are sisters.


Trixi is an F1B with a  soft, wavy coat. She is a very affectionate lap dog. She is an extremely unique Goldendoodle with the coveted AtAt/KyKy color genetics. Her Dad was a striking, tri-color phantom Merle Poodle and her Mom was a beautiful, phantom F1 Goldendoodle.

Trixi has gorgeous red phantom markings on a stunning Merle coat. She weighs 18 pounds. With her special genetics, all her puppies have beautiful color. She makes tri-colors, tri-color Merles, Merle parti, and Phantoms  in the 18-25 pound range with Jackpot.¹


Maple reminds us why we believe in home-raising our puppies! She came from a rather unfortunate breeding situation, but she had health-tested parents and we thought she was gorgeous!

However, even now (with lots of time an patience) she is not entirely well-socialized, particularly with our young children.  However, this is a result of nurture rather than nature and her puppies have proven that early socialization means a great deal!

Bekah says she has the softest fur of all the dogs, and it is nice and wavy. We are optimistic about her genetics producing some beautiful puppies. So far she has had red, gold, sable,  Parti with tan, and black puppies.

Maple is health tested and weighs 28 lbs.


Maple Goldendoodle


Cocoa is an 18-lb chocolate Merle. She is an F1b Goldendoodle and is approximately 80% poodle, so all her puppies will be fully furnished.

Cocoa’s Mama was a blue Merle Goldendoodle and her dad was a chocolate Phantom poodle. We can’t wait to see her puppies with Jackpot!

Cocoa is health tested.²



Stormy is a medium-sized, 50-lb AUSSIEDODLE. She and Buster produce some gorgeous AUSSIE MOUNTAIN DOODLES (not to be confused with the Australian Bernedoodle, which is a totally different cross).

Stormy has a wonderful temperament and has integrated well into our large family. She has had some basic training and is quite intelligent. She’d love to be a lap dog and often will sit next to us on the couch or put her head in our laps.

Stormy has the gorgeous Merle coloring and blue eye/brown eye combination that Australian Shepherds are known for. She also has a bobbed tail; this can be hereditary in the Australian Shepherd, but in her case her tail was docked by her breeder. Stormy has been health tested.³

Stormy Aussiedoodle


The Golden Mountain Doodle may be the best cross-breed you’ve never heard of!

For more information, we recommend visiting GoldenMountainDoodles.info.

* Ranger carries a recessive trait for Degenerative Myelopathy (Common Variant) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration. Because he does not carry two copies of the gene, he is not affected, nor will his offspring be, since he is not bred with any females who are likewise a carrier.

** Cheza & Jina carry a recessive trait for Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type 1). Because they does not carry two copies of the gene,they are not affected, nor will their offspring be, since they are not bred with any males who are likewise a carrier.

¹ Trixi is a carrier for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 2. Because she does not carry two copies of the gene, she is not affected, nor will her offspring be, since she is not bred with any males who are likewise a carrier.

²Cocoa is a carrier for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd. Because she does not carry two copies of the gene, she is not affected, nor will her offspring be, since she is not bred with any males who are likewise a carrier.

³ Like many dogs with the Australian Shepherd in her lineage, Stormy carrier a copy of the MDR-1 gene, which is not a disease but rather a known sensitivity to certain medications. With this knowledge, risks of this sensitivity can easily be mitigated by your vet.