Our Doodles: Learn more about our 2 fabulous Cross-breeds

Golden Mountain Doodles and Aussie Mountain Doodles from Carrier Family Doodles

Our Doodles can be snuggly companions, therapy dogs, or loyal family pets. No matter what you're looking for, we're passionate about finding the perfect puppy for you!

Carrier Family Doodles specializes in the Golden Mountain Doodle (Goldendoodle x Bernedoodle) and Aussie Mountain Doodle (Aussiedoodle x Bernedoodle).  Although there are breed specific differences (which we will describe in more detail below), here’s why either of these dogs may be a perfect choice for you:

Polly, a sable Phantom Golden Mountain Doodle
Coral, a Tuxedo red Merle Aussie Mountain Doodle

Of course, there are differences between the Golden Mountain Doodle and the Aussie Mountain Doodle; this breed-specific information can help you as you consider your options.

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The Golden Mountain Doodle is a cross-breed of the Goldendoodle and the Bernedoodle. In our puppies, you will see the loyal and gentle nature of the Golden Retriever, the laid-back and playful side of the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the intelligence and hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities of the poodle.

Depending on the parent combinations, our puppies will either be mini (20-25 lbs adult size) or mini/medium (35-45 lbs adult size). Each litter is unique, some with sable, others with tri-color, still others with Merle or Golden. And there are always a few black/black & white puppies in each. Coat types will also vary, depending on the coat type and generation of the parents.

Cheza’s puppies–we always look forward to her tri-colors!

Since our puppies are home-raised, we know them very well and can help you make the best possible temperament match, whether you’re looking for a quiet lap-sitter, a playful dog that’s great with kids, or a potential therapy dog candidate. If you are looking for a “lap-dog,” the mini Golden Mountain Doodle is an ideal choice.

Our pricing structure is based on puppy color, with rare or more desirable color combinations priced higher and the black/black & white at the lower end.

Due to the genetics of the cross-breed, in our F2 litters there will be one or two “unfurnished puppies” that are priced 30% lower than their furnished counterparts. “Unfurnished” means that these puppies will have a flat muzzle (like a Retriever) rather than the classic, “bearded” Doodle look, and they may shed some. They aren’t recommended if you have allergy concerns or want a non-shedding dog, but some like the look and appreciate the lower-intensity grooming requirements. They are also lower in price.

Our tiered price structure and competitive pricing make the Golden Mountain Doodle accessible to almost every budget.

If you want more information about the Golden Mountain Doodle, we recommend a visit to the informational site GoldenMountainDoodles.info.

The Aussie Mountain Doodle is a cross between an Aussiedoodle and a Bernedoodle (not to be confused with the Australian Bernedoodle).  This cross-breed is intelligent, highly trainable, active, and potentially gorgeous in coat and color.

Stormy’s gorgeous first litter of Aussie Mountain Doodles

While each Aussie Mountain Doodle will have its own temperament and personality,  the Australian Shepherd in the mix is an intelligent dog with keen herding instincts. It is a dog that prefers outdoor environments, a certain level of exercise, and people-interaction. As such, an Aussie Mountain Doodle makes a very loyal family pet but also needs a certain level of mental stimulation.

While all puppies benefit from training, putting an Aussie Mountain Doodle through some training paces and providing it with snuffle mats and other toys that promote mental stimulation are a must. At the same time, the intelligence and trainability of the breed make this a comparatively easy task (although certainly not effortless).  The pay off is in having a loyal, sociable, and very responsive (not to mention gorgeous!) family pet. To help you get off to a great start with your Aussie Mountain Doodle, when you reserve your puppy we will activate your FREE lifetime membership to the Baxter & Bella online puppy school!

The Aussie Mountain Doodle is generally considered to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding, but (in the interest of full disclosure), our Mama Aussiedoodle, Stormy, does send some very distinctive gray “tumbleweeds” around the house (our Goldendoodles’ tumbleweeds have been much less obvious). However, we have not really noticed any shedding on our clothes when we’re petting her. And what typically makes a Doodle considered “hypoallergenic” is that it does not have the rate of dander release that is common in double-coated dogs. This should be the case with our Aussie Mountain Doodles, due to the poodle in the mix.  As such, we would still consider our Aussie Mountain Doodles to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding, but you will want to groom regularly so that hair comes off on the brush instead of in tumbleweeds that you will have to pick up later.

For any dog with a percentage of Australian Shepherd in its lineage, it is important to be aware of the breed-specific MDR-1 drug sensitivity, which brings with it a risk of adverse reactions to certain medications.  Almost all medications are considered safe for any Australian Shepherd or mix, but toxicity can potentially result with Ivermectin (a commonly used heartworm preventative), if used at high doses, as well as ketoconazole, cyclosporine and spinosad (Comfortis). Low-to-normal doses of these medications are generally considered safe, but it is good to inform your vet just in case they are unaware to exercise caution with these specific meds, especially when using multiple medications which, together, may present toxicity issues. This is not an issue that presents a high level of risk, but it is a breed-specific trait whose risks can be mitigated through awareness and good communication with your vet.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. We know a puppy is a big decision for the long-term. We want to help you make the best possible choice, and that’s hard to do via static information on a Web site.