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mini/medium Golden Mountain Doodles

(20-45 lbs adult size)

Final adult size depends on parent sizes, genetics (there are larger-breed dogs in the lineage) and litter size (smaller litters tend to produce larger puppies).  We have very accurate, longer-term data for puppy versus adult size with Jackpot and Buster, but not yet for Ranger.

MAPLE & Ranger

Birth date:  March 23, 2024

Expected adult size: 35-45 lbs (this is our best estimate, as this is a first litter for Maple & Ranger. Both weigh about 30 lbs, but some of Ranger’s recent puppies had a weight trajectory suggesting a slightly larger size. As well, this is a smaller litter, which typically produces slightly larger puppies.)

Adoption date: May 18

This litter is open for reservation. Only Dot, Jett, and Patches remain available.

Dot  (F)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1400

Dot is a playful and friendly puppy. She loves giving puppy kisses! She has a slightly wavier coat so she will probably end up lightly curly. Although she is playful, she does enjoy being held and pet.

Jett (M)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1200

While Jett is moderately active, he also very much enjoys a good snuggle.  He has a soft, wavy coat like his Dad.

Patches (F)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1400

Patches is a lap-sitter. She is friendly and not overly playful, but not exactly “laid back.” (A good, balanced temperament.)

Truffle (F)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1950

Truffle is the only curly puppy in this litter. She is a reddish sable with white markings, very pretty! She is friendly, playful, and so cute!

Truffle is reserved.

Note: Truffle is our “giveaway puppy” and has been donated to the upcoming Dance Against Cancer put on by Curtain Call Dance Center in Indianapolis, IN. Truffle is an “in-person” auction item. For details see


Blaze (M)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1500

Blaze is a confident, friendly puppy. He is gorgeous red and has four, white-tipped paws in addition to his bib and the blaze on his face.

Blaze is reserved.

Sunny  (F)
Age: 8 weeks
Price: 1400

Sunny is even-tempered and likes being held. She is very friendly and loves attention.

Sunny is reserved.

Jina & Buster

Birth date:  April 3, 2024

Expected adult size: 25-40 lbs (Jina’s puppies tend to be on the smaller size, so even though Buster is 50 lbs, we expect a weight range on the smaller size for many of the puppies.)

Adoption date: May 29

This litter is open for reservation.

Bella  (F)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1550

Bella has very nice Phantom markings. She is very friendly and loves to lap-sit.

Private  (M)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1200

Private has a tiny white goatee and is soft and shiny.  Private is the “runt” of the litter and will probably be about 25 lbs. He holds his own with the other puppies but is a bit more calm/reserved with people at the moment.  Bekah loves his eyes!

Major (M)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 980

Major is tan and appears to have a curly coat, but he is unfurnished. Major is not overly playful but his play antics are “super cute” and funny. He loves people!

General (M)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1550

General is a Phantom with a white goatee and bib. So far he is the largest in the litter, and will probably have a lightly curly coat. He seems to be confident and somewhat adventurous, but likes to climb in your lap and be pet.

General is reserved.


Golden Lady (F)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1500

Golden Lady has four, white-tipped paws and a white-tipped tail as well as  a white bib and facial markings.  Golden Lady is friendly with people but a bit more independent from the other puppies.

Golden Lady is reserved.

Sergeant (M)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1200

Sergeant was the first one in this litter to wag his tail in response to people.  He is friendly and loves attention.

Captain (M)
Age: 6 weeks
Price: 1450

Captain is a Phantom with some white markings. He likes people and being pet. He is playful and friendly.


Aussie Mountain Doodles

(45-50+ lbs adult size)

Stormy and Buster are both right around 50 lbs and many of their previous puppies are/will be about that as adults, but some are (or are expected to be) 60-70 lbs. This largely depends on litter size (smaller litters tend to produce larger puppies) as well as genetic factors.

Stormy & Buster

Birth date:  May 3, 2024

Expected adult size: 50-70 lbs (both parents are 50 lbs, but fewer puppies results in larger adult-sized dogs. There are only three puppies in this litter.)

Adoption date: June 28

You may sign up for early selection for Stormy’s puppies via our wait list if you would like. They will open for public reservation at 5 weeks after our wait list has gone through selection days.

Stormy's puppies
Stormy's puppies are all male: Otis, Owen, and Oliver


Trixi & Jackpot, expecting in mid-July with adoption in mid-September. Their puppies are typically in the 18-25 lb range and include Phantom Merles, Merle parti, Phantom, and possibly tri-color. Here is a sampling from previous litters:

Cuddles 1
Charity 1

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