Golden Mountain Doodle Giveaway: We gift 1 out of 10 of our puppies freely, to an individual or family in need.

Carrier Family Doodles puppy giveaway

We want our giveaway puppy to be a blessing to a recipient in need of an emotional support or therapy dog, or a family whose special circumstances would benefit from the addition of a companion pet.

We offer a Golden Mountain Doodle giveaway because many people would love to make a Doodle a special part of their family, but simply can’t afford it. The types of applicants we consider are:

  • Children with special needs
  • elderly shut-ins, or recent widows or widowers
  • Volunteers taking their dogs into children’s cancer wards or hospice care facilities
  • a child who is struggling during a significant move or other life transition

As Christians, we are committed to giving back to others from the blessings that God has given us. We offer one out of every 10 of our Golden Mountain Doodle puppies as a free gift to one recipient who will be selected by our entire family.

We look for situations in which a Carrier Family Doodle will have a special purpose or fill a significant role, such as those mentioned above.  We also want to be sure that our puppies will be in an environment where they are well cared for after they leave us. 

We are located in New Concord, KY. Local pickup only, or else the selected recipient will be responsible for delivery charges.

Use the form below to get started with the process of entering our puppy giveaway. We will keep applications in queue for the next drawing and will inform you via either email or phone if you have been selected to receive a free puppy.

* If you are not selected as a recipient, please be aware that we do not “hold” applications for consideration with future litters, but you are welcome to re-apply if so desired. TO SEE IF GIVEAWAY PUPPIES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, including appearance/gender and other available information, CLICK HERE.

Fill out all form fields below to apply.
Occasionally the form will not permit you to add photos or other attachments. Feel free to contact us via email if you would like to support your application with any additional information. Thank you!

NOTE: Please do not apply if you are simply looking for a free pet. You must have a NEED for a hypoallergenic, non-shedding companion or therapy  animal. If you are not concerned about  furnishings , please note this in your application.