Cancer Research Benefit Auction: Get in on the Bid for Truffle!

Truffle, our Dance Against Cancer giveaway puppy!
Truffle, our #10 "giveaway puppy" is being donated to the upcoming Dance Against Cancer

Truffle will benefit Cancer research in the upcoming "Dance Against Cancer" Auction

Auction date is May 18-19! All proceeds benefit the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center (Indianapolis, IN)

Carrier Family Doodles has been breeding Golden Mountain Doodle puppies since 2021. From the beginning, we made a commitment to give away every tenth puppy to a person or family with a significant need and financial inability. This time, we wanted to benefit the Dance Against Cancer and cancer research. Cindy Carrier lost her older sister, Jennifer Stark, to complications from Sjogren’s Disease and lymphoma at the age of 52 in 2023; Truffle’s participation in this year’s DAC auction is in Jen’s memory and so that others may not have to go through what she did.

Truffle’s auction is an “in-person” bid item (unlike some of the other auction items), so you would need to be local to Indianapolis, IN to participate. However, there are ways you can support the Dance Against Cancer online if you are interested. For more information, contact the Curtain Call Dance Center (Call 317-271-6688 or email for additional information.)

Truffle is a gorgeous sable & white puppy with a curly coat, considered hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. She is a pretty laid-back puppy with a friendly demeanor. She enjoys playing with our kitten and likes being pet but can also be a little more independent than some of the other puppies. (I often think that this type of puppy would be ideal if you work from home…happy to see you when you’re around, but not a velcro puppy?!)

Our next giveaway puppy will be the first in our next batch of Golden Mountain Doodles, coming up (hopefully) in July (adoption in October). Details and application on our Web site. Any applications submitted now will be held until the time of the next giveaway.