Fun with Name Selection: Celebrating the Arrival of New Puppies

name selection

Name selection is a fun part of the welcoming process! ​ We're excited for every batch of puppies since every one is unique.

Things have been busy here at Carrier Family Doodles! During the month of December, we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of 5 litters of puppies (one medium GMD, three mini GMD, and one Aussie Mountain Doodle). And finally, they’re all here! They are just as adorable/beautiful as we had hoped.
Stormy's Puppies

First up was the Stormy x Buster litter of Aussie Mountain Doodles. She had four puppies (3 female, one male).  Now that we know what they look like, we’re waiting to see whose eyes will stay blue! I’ll post some preliminary photos (not studio quality), so you can take a guess. We think three of the puppies will have blue eyes, one not. But it remains to be seen. Scroll through the photos to check them out.

The name selection for this bunch was rather easy. My 4-year-old, Gideon, decided one of the puppies should be named “Cupcake,” so the rest were named accordingly.

Adoption day is February 4.

Amber's Puppies

We were anxiously awaiting Amber’s puppies with Ranger! Last time with Jackpot, Amber had all black/black & white, so we were hoping for some variety with Ranger’s genetics. We were not disappointed! They had one golden & white beauty, which Bekah wanted to name Ginger, so the rest of the puppies got “spice”-themed names to go with.

Seems to me, all the names except Ginger are pretty gender-neutral. The only male in this group is Basil.  🙂  Adoption day is February 11.

Trixi's Puppies

Next up, Trixi! She has a waiting list for her puppies, as she is our smallest female (16 lbs at optimal weight, occasionally up to 18 lbs since our dogs are on constant feed and she’s a bit of a glutton). Not to mention, she is a beautiful Phantom Merle and the Merles always catch attention!

Her litter this time was a bit different than last year’s (a bit less varied). She had 5 Phantom Merles that will look much like her full-grown. If her last litter is any indication, some of those may have a blue eye, even though Trixi herself does not. There are also two Phantom-marked puppies, which is very nice because we expected some Phantoms from Autumn and she had quite a few golden puppies instead! (See below.)

Also in this litter is a pretty, Merle Parti as a giveaway puppy. Apply if you qualify and can pick up at our New Concord, KY location.

The name selection for this litter is Valentine-themed, since Adoption day is February 15 and, in KY and most surrounding states, could go home on the 14th, which would make a sweet Valentine’s Day! ♥️


Carly's Puppies

Carly’s litter (with Buster) is our only medium-sized bunch of Golden Mountain Doodles. For that reason, she does have a short wait list for her puppies. She had nine puppies, and quite a nice variety. We’re always partial to her parti puppies, since she’s the only Mama (besides Stormy and–rarely–Trixi) that has them.

We always wished that Carly would have a gorgeous red puppy like herself, but genetics haven’t really cooperated with that desire. However, when one of these boys was born, he looked quite red like his Mama, and we were so excited! Once he dried off a bit, he seems more deep golden/Amber, but is handsome nonetheless. Anyway, he accordingly got christened as “Rusty,” and the rest followed with names beginning with  “R.” 

Given the track record of color changes with Buster’s puppies, we aren’t sure how these goldens will mature, but we always look forward to seeing the process!

Raven (black male) is another giveway puppy for this group! Apply if you qualify and can pick up at our New Concord, KY location. Adoption day for Carly’s puppies is February 17.

Amber's Puppies

In her last litter with Jackpot, Amber had all Phantoms and one black puppy. This bunch is totally different, thanks to Ranger! Our golden puppies have been popular, but somewhat rare, until now.  This litter has four goldens, one Phantom, and one black. Amber’s puppies all got names beginning with “B.”  Bekah was set on naming one of them Butterscotch, and all the rest had to go along somehow.

Adoption day is February 18.

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