Naming Day for these (20) Adorable February Puppies!

How will Naming Day end: a themed litter? Names with the same first letter? Or Random?

“Naming Day” is always fun here at Carrier Family Doodles. Bekah (our puppy primary caregiver) is a bit particular about names. She’s not a fan of themed names, nor does she really like having all the puppies’ names having the same beginning letter.  But by default, we end up with some of both. Other times, it’s random.

Our previous  litters of Christmas puppies all were named after characters in “The Wingfeather Saga,” a series of books we’ve recently read aloud as a family. Surprisingly, she announced that she wanted to continue the theme with two of our recent puppy litters (Cheza and Trixi) because there were “enough good names still.”

She sent me photos by WhatsApp so I can start to learn them all, although for me it’s hard to put a name with a face until I start interacting with the puppies and I get to see their little personalities develop.

So without further ado, meet the Wingfeather puppies, upcoming for adoption in February:


Cheza’s puppies (with Buster)


Trixi’s puppies (with Jackpot)

I was a little hesitant about Timber and Klaxton (in Trixi’s litter) because they are villains in the story. However, Bekah assured me that they will be perfectly good puppies. 😀

Not to be left out, Carly’s puppies got their names, too, although we finally had to break from the Wingfeather theme. Bekah ended up choosing names based on playing cards, since the kids have recently learned to play Setback and found it a lot of fun.


Carly’s puppies (with Buster)

So as it turned out, Naming Day for all three litters ended up in themes. Can’t wait another week or so until these little guys’ eyes start to open! Then the real fun begins.

These puppies are all Golden Mountain Doodles. If you’re unfamiliar with the breed, feel free to read more about them on our Web site, or visit