Welcoming Lots of Puppies–3 already reserved! A Beautiful variety of colors and size options available.

We look forward to welcoming each new litter of puppies at Carrier Family Doodles. Each one is unique!

It’s been hard to hold back our excitement and wait to post until all FOUR of our expecting Mamas had their puppies! But as of yesterday, we now have 28 puppies in the house! Between the four litters, there are 13 male and 15 female.

Amber, Autumn, and Cheza’s puppies are all expected to be in the 20-25 lb adult size. Carly’s should be 35-45 lbs. We now have an advertised price structure in place.

Black puppies will normally be priced at $1200; however, since we have a predominance of black puppies (due to Autumn only having black), any of the black mini puppies that have very minimal or no white markings will be reduced to $1100. (Carly’s black puppies are excluded, since they are the only larger-sized puppies in this grouping.)

puppy naming
Amber had her 6 puppies on June 13. “Bug” is the only black puppy AND the only male. The rest are Phantom females, some with more reddish markings and others with brown/tan, some with more defined eyebrows and others not quite.

 A couple of the puppies have small white bibs, others have no bib. But all are gorgeous and doing well with their Mama. (ETA: Bug is already reserved).

Autumn had seven puppies on June 17. It was no surprise that they are all black, with only a few random white markings: five male and two female. One of the males is a #10 giveaway puppy!

Carly and Cheza both had their puppies on the 21st! (It was a busy day for Bekah, our puppy midwife.) Carly had two Golden/tan (one darker, one lighter), one tan and white parti, and four black/black & white. The black female is another #10 giveaway puppy!

This litter is the only one of the four that will be the mini/medium size (35-45 lbs). Two are already reserved.

Cheza had 8 gorgeous babies, including black, Phantom, tri-color, and parti.

A couple we are not quite sure how to classify…one has a classic, tri-color Bernedoodle look but it has only brown eyebrows and no typical markings on the legs.

 Another has a lot of white; it has too much white to be considered a tuxedo, but is not white enough to be called a parti. The tuxedo female (second from left) is a #10 giveaway puppy.

It will be a couple weeks before we get individual shots of Amber and Autumn’s puppies, and three weeks before we attempt studio shots with Carly’s and Cheza’s. We have quite a few people waiting for the larger-sized puppies of Carly x Buster, and Cheza’s tri-color are always popular. We can’t wait to see the difference a few weeks make in these cuties!

Right now, all four Mamas have their own gated whelping areas in our family room. It’s a perfect place for us to be able to keep an eye on both the Mamas and the puppies and to begin handling the puppies consistently, right from birth. The puppies are also getting used to the hustle-and-bustle of a busy household and other dogs.

At 3-4 weeks, they’ll graduate into our “puppy room,” where they’ll be introduced to the astro-turf potty system and where each litter will have their own large, gated play area.

We are VERY excited at the moment to be working on a huge outdoor puppy play area that is separated from our adult dogs, conveniently accessible from our puppy room, and canopied so it can be used even in adverse weather. I’m sure we’ll be posting an update on that as things develop!

By the way, the Golden Mountain Doodle may be the best breed of Doodle you’ve never heard of! Find out more about them on our Web site or at GoldenMountainDoodles.info.