Red Puppies, Color Changes: Buster’s “Golden Puppies” have proven reliable in reddening with age


Buster's puppies have turned deeper golden, ginger, and even red in color!

When we first got our gorgeous, red female Goldendoodles, we had visions of beautiful, red  Golden Mountain Doodle puppies!

Unfortunately, when breeding with the Bernedoodle, and given our various genetic combinations, that dream has not become a reality. Our current litter with Amber has produced quite a few gorgeous phantom puppies, some with browner markings and some redder. Autumn, on the other hand, has given us 5 black puppies.

Our smaller male Bernedoodle, Jackpot, has his niche in working with our smaller Mamas (producing gorgeous parti, phantom, sable, and tri-color puppies). Our larger male, Buster, is known for adding some “Gold” to the mix. Each one of his litters so far has produced at least one “golden puppy,” which has been as close as we’ve gotten to red.

Now that we’ve gotten to see some of those Goldens mature, though, we’ve discovered something amazing: while many reds fade to ginger over time, these Goldens have deepened into beautiful gingers and reds! These puppies of Buster’s have really blown us away!

Buster's puppies: golden,
The dog on the left was once the same color as the puppy on the right!

Here’s a perfect photo to show you what I mean. On the left is a now-grown dog from Buster x Cammy (who is no longer one of our Mamas, since she is a standard and we now focus on minis). She was golden as puppy, the very same color as the puppy on the right, who was purchased as a companion for her from the recent Buster x Mvua litter. We can’t wait to see this puppy grown up–but we bet they will make a gorgeous pair for this family!

And here is an unfurnished puppy, from an early litter of Buster x Mvua:

You can see that the unfurnished coat flattened out some, at least around the face and chest, but WOW, what beautiful coloring she has! And the family is in love with her temperament and personality as well.

All of this to say, while color and coat changes sometimes take getting used to, this consistent shift from golden to ginger or  red in Buster’s puppies has not disappointed! Here’s one more for comparison:

We have lots of people looking at puppies sired by Buster, since Buster himself is pretty “irresistible.” Seeing how beautifully his “golden” puppies age makes his puppies that much more “irresistible,” just like their Dad. While we don’t guarantee the gorgeous change of color, it’s happened enough times that we certainly hope for it!

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