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Wait list for Golden Mountain Doodle and Aussie Mountain Doodle puppies

Since each of our puppies is unique, our Wait List gives you early selection on your preferred Golden Mountain Doodle or Aussie Mountain Doodle

Due to demand for some of our unique puppies, our wait list is designed to allow early selection for  those who choose to participate. You may choose early selection for any puppies available, or only for a preferred coat/color/gender/furnishing. 

Please fill out the form below COMPLETELY, as this is how we will determine whether or not to contact you when puppies become available.

If you are looking for a particular puppy, we will NOT contact you regarding  any litters that are not a match for what you are looking for. Therefore, please be very specific and let us know how “flexible” you are willing to be with your requirements. If you have questions about potential colors or markings, see our photo gallery or contact us for additional information and previous puppy photos by way of example.

Your form must be followed by payment of the $100 fee or you will not be added to the wait list. Your payment is processed by Stripe, our secure, third-party payment processor. Carrier Family Doodles does not access your financial information.

* Furnishings determine whether or not a puppy can be considered hypoallergenic & non-shedding. For information on furnished versus unfurnished you can visit

After submitting your form, click “BUY NOW” and pay the $100 Wait List fee. When you do so, you agree to our terms specified below.

$ 100, non-refundable


Carrier Family Doodles keeps the wait list ordered by the date each application is submitted and will order the picks for each litter based on this date.

Applicants will ONLY be notified about upcoming Selection Days IF they have a matching puppy requested on their submission form.  (It is, therefore, important to let us know how firm or flexible you are with your options.)

You will be contacted within 5-7 days of Selection Day, which will be your opportunity to request photos, video, or video call and find out more about available puppies.

You will have 24 HOURS to make your pick once we notify you that you are in queue. If you do not respond within 24 hours, we will automatically consider that a “pass” and we will put you back on the wait list in numbered order.

Carrier Family Doodles makes NO WARRANTY or PROMISE of availability of puppies. We can tell you which parent pairs have produced certain types of puppies in the past, but there is no guarantee of if or when those types of puppies will become available in the future. Participating in our wait list is entirely at your own risk. However, we will give you our best “good faith” guesses and estimates regarding upcoming litter characteristics and dates of birth/adoption.