Amber and Autumn in Art–Check out Bekah’s Creative Acrylics


Bekah's Art: An unusual perspective on Amber and Autumn, two of our puppy Mamas

Bekah, our 20-year-old daughter, is our puppy “primary caregiver” and she is amazing at what she does! She takes care of the daily needs of all the dogs, including litters of puppies when we have them.

She makes sure the puppies get multiple opportunities each day for socialization and tries to slowly introduce them to different sounds/activities, new areas of the house, etc., so that they will be less fearful in their environment. Our goal is that every puppy we place will be as much an “ideal fit” as possible, and Bekah is my go-to when people ask about puppy temperaments/personalities.

She’s typically spot-on, whether the puppy is a lap dog/snuggler, playful (would do best with another dog or children in the house), or even (gasp!) “a little naughty.” (For the record, the one that she said was “a little naughty” definitely is, but according to the new owner, is loved bunches, totally spoiled, and “exactly what they didn’t know they needed!” So there’s that.)

Although dogs and puppies take up quite a bit of Bekah’s time, she also enjoys art of different kinds. She writes poetry (though not usually for public consumption), has tried out felt crafts, and has a certain “style” when it comes to acrylic painting.  When she is on a “puppy break,” these are things she enjoys pursuing.

Since we have a few weeks’ break between our last litter and Amber’s coming puppies, Bekah is taking a deserved vacation before a flurry of puppies comes along (we are expecting 5 litters in the next two months!)

Maybe it’s just because Amber is on her mind, being the next to deliver (we’re excited that Amber’s puppies may be CHRISTMAS PUPPIES!), but Bekah decided to get creative with a portrait of Amber and Autumn, who are gorgeous, red sisters from the same litter. She was wanting to try out some different perspectives and techniques, so the background is certainly…interesting! I just had to post it here. Enjoy!

Amber and Autumn in art

I’m happy to help you get to know a little bit about our Bekah. She’s pretty unassuming and she’s not Carrier Family Doodles’ primary “customer service representative” (that’s me–Cindy), but we couldn’t do what we do without her!

Bekah is our groomer, our dog and puppy room cleaner-upper, our puppy midwife, our main puppy “socializer,” one of two photographers (she’s usually the creative genius behind our studio set-ups), and our puppy video producer. If you have a question about a puppy that I can’t answer, I always ask Bekah. She gives me the info I’m looking for!

For more information on Amber and Autumn and our other puppy parents, click here. To find out more about our Golden Mountain Doodle puppies,  browse our Web site our visit

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