Christmas Puppies: It’s Getting Real! Which one of these 4 little loves is your first choice?


Our first-ever litters of "Christmas Puppies" are almost ready for forever homes!

Very often, our 8 weeks with each litter of puppies goes by swiftly–almost before we know it! This time, for whatever reason, the time has seemed to pass by a little more slowly. However, things are now getting real: these little guys are getting ready for their forever homes!

I’m realizing today that I should have sent out final invoices for impending pick ups earlier this week (oops). And this is the first time our puppies are going home with a FREE lifetime membership to the Baxter & Bella online puppy training school (see, and I realized today that people would probably want an advance look at it to help in their puppy’s transition home. So I’m processing those memberships as well.

Tomorrow is final vet-check day! Even as I type, Bekah is preparing the van so that we can make the trip to the vet tomorrow with all 11 puppies. While Doodles are notorious for stomach sensitivity, we’ve been fortunate enough to only have a couple of puppies get car sick on the way to and fro.

After the vet check, these babies can officially go HOME! So between today and tomorrow, I will be putting together all the necessary paperwork for our weekend pickups. Bekah will work on assembling the gift bags. Two puppies will go home on Saturday, and two on Monday. Some remain yet to be scheduled.

We still have four puppies remaining: Lucinda, Nugget, Danniby, and Leeli. If you’re interested in taking one of these home for Christmas, visit for details, and call or send us a message!

Christmas puppies Lucinda
christmas puppy Danniby
Christmas puppy Leeli

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