Welcome to Our New Puppy Nursery: Joyful Beginnings!

Take a tour of our new puppy nursery!

Our new Puppy Nursery is a welcome addition for our home-raised Golden Mountain Doodle and Aussie Mountain Doodle puppies!

At Carrier Family Doodles, our dogs are beloved family pets and their puppies are raised in our home. But with several Mamas often ending up “in sync,” it seems we either have several litters of puppies at once, or none for a long while. 

When we do have puppies, not only is it thrilling and busy, but our home can seem overwhelmed with the activity, given that we have a large family as well. So you can imagine our excitement to recently add a one-room addition onto our home (using what used to be the patio off of our family room), that is now a dedicated “puppy nursery!”

It still needs some work (you’ll see in the video below that we haven’t done the trim yet, and a few other finishing touches), but it happened just in time to welcome our recent FIVE litters of puppies. 

We’re loving it!!

The different groups of puppies you see in the video represent current Aussie Mountain Doodles and both mini and medium Golden Mountain Doodles. It’s an amazing variety! All will have adoption days in February. For more information, visit our Web site’s puppies page.

For more information on the Golden Mountain Doodle, we always recommend the informational site GoldenMountainDoodles.info.

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