First Reserved: Addie!

After much back-and-forth with a family in Missouri who debated over several puppies, our first official reservation in this group of 20 puppies is ADDIE! There are so many different looks and personalities in this group, it may be hard to choose. We have lots of eyes on Esben, in particular, but the Phantom Merles of Trixi’s are also being watched. Get in touch, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have, provide videos or do video calls, and offer insight into puppy temperaments. Right now Carly’s puppies are still only 4 weeks old, and personalities don’t really emerge for sure until at least 5 weeks. However, if you’re looking at Cheza’s or Trixi’s puppies, we can definitely clue you in on how those puppies are developing. Our goal is to have each and every one of our puppies be a blessing to their new families!

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