Getting a Puppy is Like Having a Baby

I find myself often telling people who are considering one of our puppies, “Getting a puppy is like having a baby!” You typically have to get up at least once a night to take them out to potty. After all, they have teeny bladders! When they leave us, they leave the warm puppy pile and the security of their Mama, so nights can come with some whining as well, particularly if they’re in a crate by themselves. So a new puppy parent is sometimes just like a new baby parent: tired!

Puppies are “supposed to” eat three times a day, but they don’t eat as much as they’re “supposed to,” or maybe they eat too much. They like the food, until they don’t. So a new puppy parent may have some worry about what to feed and when to feed, just like a new baby parent. And, there’s always the chance that a tired baby will fall asleep in their food…

Finally, what parent doesn’t dread the toddler years, when it seems like they want to do exactly the opposite of what you want or expect them to do?! Puppies are often just the same. This morning, Bekah decided that the puppies needed a second sleeping box in their area,  since they’re getting bigger and really seemed to be pushing each other around. She was sure they’d be more comfortable with additional space. So she took the time to find the perfect box, fix it up, expand their gated area, and get everything “just right” for their new sleeping space. She sent me this photo by WhatsApp, captioned, “I gave them two beds, so now they’re using none! 😂

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