Puppy Photo Outtakes: 3–2–1–Klaxton! This funny photo series shows Klaxton’s playful side.


It's not often we get such a great series of photo outtakes that so perfectly reveal a puppy's personality.

Most of the time, our weekly puppy photo shoots go without a hitch. Sure, there’s the occasional puppy that won’t sit or stand, but just wants to lie down.

Buster’s puppies always seem to have “grumpy eyes,” even when they really are happy and friendly puppies. (We’ve discovered that many are like this, but they do grow out if it. They end up with their Daddy’s irresistible good looks!)

There have one been one or two that are less-than-cooperative, but unintentionally hilarious. This week, it was Klaxton. His series of outtakes was definitely worth publishing off the main Web site.

Klaxton is one of the friendliest puppies in his litter. He is confident and ready to engage people, which has made us just fall in love with him. But of course, with that confidence and desire to engage comes a certain amount of playfulness.

I imagine Klaxton’s “best life now” living on a hobby farm and being outside a lot, or living in a home with children and/or other dogs to keep him active. 

During this week’s photo shoot, he definitely showed his cheeky side. Bekah worried that posting the photos on the blog might make Klaxton look “naughty,” but I find his puppy antics quite endearing (and I hope you will, too!).

Each one of our Golden Mountain Doodles is unique. Not only does Klaxton have unusual Phantom Merle coloring AND one blue eye, but he is definitely making his mark as the Joker of this litter.

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