Welcome, Ranger!

Yesterday we took a trip up to Indiana to meet Jason from Walnut Valley Puppies. We came home with Ranger, an 8-week-old, F1 Bernedoodle that we *hope* will grow up into a size somewhere between our Jackpot (25 lbs) and Buster (50 lbs). He’s a playful little guy and, of course, super cute. In about 10 months, we hope he’ll be siring some gorgeous Golden Mountain Doodle puppies with our smaller Mamas: Amber, Autumn, and Trixi. We’re so happy to add Ranger to our pack! He’s fitting right in so far. Gotta keep the little ones from loving him tooo much, though!

One thought on “Welcome, Ranger!

  1. Samantha Morgan says:

    He’s a gorgeous little man!! More love in the home I think everyone can use!

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